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subtlechemistry ([personal profile] subtlechemistry) wrote2017-04-26 09:52 pm

Oh, hello

I do love a shiny new blog.

New things are always exciting, aren't they? Fresh, unspoiled, full of promise.

Okay, perhaps that's a bit much for a blog. But it's true and I daresay you know it. Remember when you were at school - or perhaps you're still at school? - and you started a new textbook. That was good, wasn't it? The fresh front pages, ready and waiting to be written on... And you would use your very best handwriting and promise yourself that you would keep it up. You almost inevitably didn't, but your intentions were good.

Basically, a new blog is akin to a new textbook. It is immensely satisfying. So, welcome. Welcome to my shiny new blog!